Image pushed,image compressed.

Optimize your static assets while you sleep.
Set today and forget forever:
How does it work?
Just use Git as usual.
Add or modify images in your local repo. As you'd normally do.
Keep on working and push your changes. As you'd normally do.
Pull Request
Autocompress optimizes the images and creates a PR for you.
Merge the PR at your convenience. Your repo is compressed!
Why use Autocompress?
Autocompress is the simplest, most effective solution for image compression. Avoid manually compressing images, maintaining compression pipelines or implementing unnecessary CDNs. You get the benefits of lighter images with no effort.
Save developer hours
Can you think of something more productive than manually compressing images? I can.
Avoid mistakes
The new guy used a 2GB PNG and >4k visitors clicked away before the page loaded. Oops.
Set and forget
0 coding. 0 maintaining. Literally just 6 clicks. Set it once and forget for years.
Speed up CI/CD pipelines
No more numbly waiting for that deploy script to finish. Slimmer repos means faster pipes!
Lighter static assets allow for faster load times and improved performance
Lossless & lossy
You can configure Autocompress to prioritize image quality or image size.
Several algorithms
Iterates over many compression libraries and selects the best results.
All main formats supported
Works with JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG and WEBP.
Compression stats
Each Autocompress PR displays how much each image was compressed and the total.
On-the-go & on-demand
You can compress images as they are added or all of them in one go.
Atlassian security
Autocompress has been verified by Atlassian and gone through extensive security reviews.
Configurable branch
Choose which branch Autocompress should be listening to and creating Pull Requests for.
Start using Autocompress
Takes 6 clicks to set up. Always free for public repositories. All paid plans start with a free 14-day trial.
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